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World Tales

Welcome to World of Tales – a collection of children’s stories, folktales, fairy tales and fables. World Tales is a classic word puzzle game where you must find all the words hidden on the board of letters. Words can appear horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards!

Play Casual or Progress game modes! In the casual game mode, you can generate a new random game board to play at your own leisure. In Progress mode there are a number of levels you must beat to gain coins and keys! Coins can be used to give you hints on difficult levels and keys can be used to unlock new categories!

How To Play
Simply select one of the many categories and start a Casual or Progress game, then use you finger to swipe and select letters on the game board. Select all the correct words and you win!


2 unique categories
Each category has 100 levels, each level increases with difficulty.
Casual game mode which generates a different random puzzle so you always have something new to play.
Progress mode lets you gain coins and keys to spent on hints or unlock new categories.
Word hint highlights a word for you on the board.
Letter hint lets you select a letter to highlight on the board.

Download now to enjoy a relaxing, yet challenging word puzzle game!