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Peendle Game is specially designed for teenagers. It is an addictive pin through the game. This game is divided into levels. The next level will be harder from before levels. In this color arrow pin change game, you have to through all pins in the moveable multiple color circles to pass the level. The circle visible by different shapes of colored games and gets complete the level.
Peendle Game is an addictive Pin Shooter Game created based on new ideas, new logic for passing boring time. It also has some advantages for increasing knowledge of accuracy.
To play the Peendle Game, you must set the same color to the color wheel. Be careful because you will have to pay attention to the variety of colors and not hit the other balls.
You can also play this Peendle Game without the Internet. Today, this game enjoys growing popularity among teenagers and all types of people who have time to pass with happiness. It is a very addictive and fun game. You can download and spend your free time if you are filling Boring, download and start playing.


Cool graphics.
Colorful arrow pin.
Cool music.
Simple and addictive game.
No internet connection is required.

How to play:

To play our Peendle Game game successfully follows below instruction to win the game

Tap to shoot pin.
The Peendle Game will be moved left and right with different colors. Shoot Color arrow pin targeting the same circle color.
Don't hit the other pin arrow.

Peendle Game is one of the best Google Play Store games, so download it and start playing.