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Byzantine Chess

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Byzantine Chess


The “Byzantine Chess” game is classic chess game, which brings the chess into historical dimension. It includes advanced 2D graphics, which allows the virtual chess game. Byzantine chess, also called circular chess, is an about 1000 year old variant of the game of Shatranj. It was popular in the 10th century after Christ in Byzantium Empire.

Choose the classic trending game and play for free. You can play the chess online with real opponents, which attracts the player to play and develop the chess strategies The game has some tutorials for the player to understand the better game ideas. It will be helpful for the players to play the game easily. You can play the game with Al and friends also. This game also has shop to change colors and backgrounds of the game. You can earn the points and shop the products as well.

More about game:

The game is for beginners and masters level. There are two players in every game. Each player begin the game with 16 pieces like one king, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns in each team. Move gradually in each turn to play the best move of yours. Face the challenges of the classic board game and win the game to become the chess master. Chess is about two player board game. In which one turn is yours and other is from opponent player. The challenging methods of the game enhance the popularity of it. The board have checkered blocks that includes white and black color mostly. The chess game brings you an amazing adventure.


Described chess rules in details
Helpful tips and highlights
Eye catching graphics
Exciting sound effects for involvement
10 Difficulty levels
Two player board game
Online shop in it
Different themes available
Tutorials for beginners
Matchmaking features (coming soon)
Learn chess tactics (coming soon)
Online mode to play with friends and others (coming soon)
The progress of game save is in auto mode (coming soon)
Best free chess game available
Realistic graphics