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StrigiformGames at The Athens Startup Business Incubator (Th.E.A.)

StrigiformGames at The Athens Startup Business Incubator (Th.E.A.)

The Athens Startup Business Incubator (Th.E.A.) is one of the most important initiatives of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) for entrepreneurship promotion. It supports innovative new business ideas with a strong extroversion potential.

The Athens Startup Business Incubator (Th.E.A.) is one of the most important initiatives of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) for entrepreneurship promotion. It supports innovative new business ideas with a strong extroversion potential. Th.E.A was established in 2014, with the support of the Municipality of Athens and with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the NSRF 2007-2013 funding framework (Project Ref. No. 465418). More information about the project, which has been successfully concluded, can be found here. Currently, Th.E.A. is a self-financed initiative of ACCI, kindly assisted and supported on multiple levels by the Region of Attica.

Through Th.E.A. ACCI aims at strengthening and advancement of entrepreneurship in multiple economic sectors with particular focus on: – high tech areas exploring cutting edge technologies and technological innovations – ­traditional sectors presenting strong growth and extroversion potential. Services Th.E.A. provides the following sets of services to hosted business teams:

1.­­­ Hosting services in modern facilities promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating synergies among hosted teams,

2.­­­ Counselling and advisory services in a wide spectrum of thematic areas, such as market analysis, legal and accounting issues, business plan development, human resources­issues,­et.­al.)

3.­­­ Education & training

4.­­­ Networking activities.

5.­­­ Coordination and­internal audit of business­development milestones, as a means to optimise efficiency and to secure the achievement of hosted entities’ business objectives.

In line with existing hosting model, selected startups may use available Th.E.A. facilities for an average period of up to 9 months, within – and beyond – which they may benefit through three (3) consecutive support programs:

Phase Α’: Pre-incubation Program (duration: 3 months): Within pre-incubation, entrepreneurial teams receive full hosting services, coupled with extensive consulting and empowering support, as a means to progress their business idea at least at a “proof-of-concept” level. Basic milestone of Pre-incubation Phase is the conclusion of the Technical Feasibility Analysis of the business idea.

Phase B’: Incubation Program (duration: 6 months): Successful conclusion of pre-incubation, allows supported business teams to focus on the marketability of their business idea. In particular, business teams, supported by Th.E.A. mentors, coaches and administrators, work for the development of basic business development tools, i.e. their marketing plan and their business plan. At the same time, supported business teams enjoy a set of networking services, next to the standard hosting services, thus fully exploiting the relevant expertise of ACCI and parallel initiatives, such as the Business Angels Network and others.

Phase C’: Alumni Program (duration: continuous): Successful conclusion of Incubation Phase signifies: formal “graduation” of business teams from Th.E.A.Incubation Program legal establishment of startups (in cases where business teams have not already formed entrepreneurial entities in previous stages) constant support of new graduate ventures through preferential participation in numerous networking and business development initiatives organised and implemented by ACCI.

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