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Importance of mobile educational games for kids and parents.

Importance of mobile educational games for kids and parents.

Education should be the priority of every child’s parents. This is because it helps them to understand the basics values and morals of our society. Our goal is to target the poor children present in the refugee camps so that they may also learn a thing or two. Since those children are not going to a school and have literally no access to their books and there is no class to attend. Those children although aren’t going to schools but have access to a smart phone. Smart phone can make a big deal for those children right now in that environment to familiarize themselves with the subjects that might help them later on.

These games are going to be very important because they can learn and retain now in a much more interactive manner and thus even learn from where they are right now. This helps them to keep in touch with their education and educate themselves so that they can be able persons in the future. This is important for the parents too because they can now be able to guide their children towards a better future regardless of what happened in the past.

These games will aim to teach the students what and how they should think and approach the problems of their actual life keeping in view the fundamentals of engineering and architecture of a certain subject while improving themselves in the fields of science and mathematics. These games shall help them learn the morals and taboos of the society that surrounds them in that host country. These promote empathy and compassion amongst them and build their leadership and team working skills thus ensuring both parents and children a life of ease and comfort. It is essential that the parents are also a part of this process because only then can it work.

Founded in May 2016, StrigiformGames, is a startup company based in Athens Greece. The company’s mission is to develop educational games purposed to help people build both hard and soft skills

So far StrigiformGames, has created a serious of educational and casual games for all ages, starting from games for 2 years old until 99 years old, and a few of educational games have been accepted by the Ministry Of Education in Greece and there are available for teachers and students to use them at Photodentro repositories which has been co-financed by the European Union (ESF) and the Greek State in the context of the “Digital Educational Platform, Interactive Books, and Learning Object Repository” program.

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