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Tap and Jump (Category: Platform, Endless Game)
How Far Can You Go? Keep jumping to moving platforms and go further. Never Stop to Run and Jump! Strigiform Games present Tap and Jump, a platform and One-finger Control mobile game that offers endless gameplay. Brilliant visuals and relaxing sound effects will provide you with an imaginable jumping journey where you must help your character to earn as much money as possible. While playing the game, you can improve the coordination of your hands, brain, and eyes to become the master. Don’t play too much; otherwise you will become addict to Tap & Jump game.
Easy to play but hard to master. Using the intuitive touch controls, you can either control a cube or a female protagonist equipped with space suit and start jumping over platforms to earn points. During the game, you need to avoid falling from blocks or moving platforms! You will receive lots of in-game points and cash that you are allowed to use in-game purchases like you can unlock characters, cubes of different colors, and items from the shop to boost your power.
Playable Characters and Items:
The game introduces a variety of adorable characters, letting you play with style. Mr. Green, Mr. Yellow, Mr. Orange, etc. are prominent characters to choose and play. Each character requires a specific amount of money to unlock.
Similar to other Endless Games, you have only one attempt to cover as much distance as possible. But you can add life in your inventory using the in-game currency to use when you need and keep progressing. Four prominent items are available, such as Slow down Time, New Life, Combo X5, and Combo X10.
Slow-down time: It will decrease the speed of time for 30 seconds.
New Life: Upon losing a life, this item will grant you an additional chance to continue the game and keep progressing.
Combos X5 and X10: You can set your highest record with these multipliers, which will work for only 15 seconds.
How to Play:
• Download and Launch the Game
• Select a Character or Cube to Play
• Use One-finger Control to Jump
• Earn in-game Currency and Points
• Unlock Additional Content using Points
• Endless Gameplay
• Easy to Play Controls
• Two Playable Characters
• Clean and Beautiful User-interface
• Perfect Visual Effects
• Several Playable Characters
• Unlockable Items
• Cubes of different Colors
• Relaxing Music
Jump on-time
Be Careful not to fall!
Quick to look around
Jump over large platforms
Strigiform Games let you immerse yourself in an endless platforming experience which brings you a lot of joy and happiness. Try out the new platformer video game to have some fun. Jump over platforms is the key to success.




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