Free Math Games with no Wi-Fi are available on Google Play for everyone, from kids to adults. Strigiform introduces an exquisite education game for those players who intend to increase their Math Skills in a fun way. The game won’t only help you in practicing your mathematics skills, but will exercise and train your brain as it is specially designed for all ages, including kids, boys, and girls. It doesn’t matter whether you are willing to learn multiplication or division with subtraction and addition because the game releases an all-in-one pack. Here you find many exciting game modes, gradually increasing level difficulties, and much more. Before starting the game, you should choose your game type to start and have to know that each one comes with 30 exciting levels. At the very start, only the first one will be unlocked, while others require the completion of previous levels to get unlocked. Are you ready to increase your brainpower with an exquisite Education Game, “Strigi Math Guru”? Improve your Calculation skills more efficiently Unlike other Match Education Games, Strigi Math Guru features different game types with thirty playable levels each. Some prominent game modes are the following: • Calculation • Counting Pictures • Flashing Numbers • Three Numbers • Choose Symbols, • Min & Max • Group Counting • Moving Number • Colorful Numbers • And more. Playable Game Modes Calculation – In Calculation mode, your ultimate goal is to find out the correct answer by selecting one of four possible solutions. Choose a Symbol – Choose a Symbol game type will let you pick a symbol that will complete the problem and solve it. Choose a Number – In the said game type, you are supposed to choose a missing number so your problem will get solved. Min & Max – Try to find out the highest number and then go for the lowest number from available four and attempt to solve the problem to obtain stars. The fun never ends here as lots of other exciting modes are there, and each one has its unique gameplay and a set of objectives to complete. The game features a rewarding star system that will reward you one to five stars depending on your performance and the number of correct answers out of total questions. Strigiform Games promises to introduce lots of new content soon and improved gameplay that will engage for endless hours. The user-interface is quite simple, yet beautiful. Within a few taps of your finger, you find yourself within the game where the challenging question will start appearing to challenge your wits and reward you with points for each correct answer. You can’t directly visit the next stage before completing the current, because the game will teach all kind of calculation from the beginning and locked further steps so you won’t miss a single lesson. Prominent Features • User-friendly Interface • Touch Screen Controls • Multiple Game Types • No Wi-Fi Required • Exercise Your Brain • 30 Levels in each Game Type • Keep Your Brain Fit through Math Exercises Download our Mathematics Game (Strigiform Games) from Google Play Store, complete all levels, and show off your progress to impress your friends.
2048: Chemical Game is an interesting and very addictive puzzle game. This is simple chemical game with periodic table elements. Swipe to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same chemical element touch, they merge into one tile with a chemical element that is next in the Periodic Chart! This game will help you to learn homologous series of alkane, alkene and alkyne in different modes and also you can play another mode which consists of periodic elements.
H+H->He, He+He->Li etc.
If you like number games and number puzzle games than play free 2048: Chemical Game number puzzle game! It is one of the best brain teasers and brain games for adults. Enjoy different games, difficult games and fun games in one brain game! 2048 Chemical game is a fun free game and you can play without internet and offline!



StrigiformMath is a puzzle game that requires your math and logical thinking skills. Players choose two numbers and the operand that makes the result in the blue squares. Make sure you solve all the numbers before the timer runs out. Every time you solve all the numbers, the level goes up and so does the difficulty.

Prove to your friends that you are the smartest with the full detail statistics on how good you are in this game!


  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Simple and easy to understand even for child
  • Infinity Level to play, as long as you are smarter!
  • Detailed game statistics

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Our educational game is super fun to play and learn! Solve a wide variety of math problems, learn fun new math tricks to help you master mental math! Pick up new skills in addition ➕, subtraction ➖, multiplication ✖️, and division, ➗ or get more advanced with fractions ¼, decimals •, and mixed operations.
📚 Learn from all the fun free educational modes below: ◾ Addition games - 1, 2, or 3 digit addition, sequential addition, plus more addition games. ◾ Subtraction games - 1, 2, 3 digit subtraction game to learn how to subtract ◾ Multiplication games - Best practice game to learn multiplication tables and multiplying methods. ◾ Division games - Learn to divide by playing multiple fun division games

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Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help your toddler learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabet? Look no further than Strigi Greek Alphabet .

Strigi Greek Alphabet is a free phonics and alphabet teaching app that makes learning fun for children, from toddlers all the way to preschoolers and kindergartners. Any toddler, kindergartener or preschool age child can learn Greek alphabet simply by following the arrows with their finger.


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